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Lost Yews

 Accounts of individual lost yews: 

The deliberate felling of any of these ancient monuments is inexcusable piece of arrogance.

The Llanfoist Yew - a fallen giant (PDF 466Kb)
An ancient yew felled by high winds in January 2012 - Tim Hills

The Cilmery Yew - felled in 2009 
Tim Hills

A yew at Cefnllys - burnt down in 2006
Tim Hills

Two Sanderstead Yews - felled in 1962 and 2004
Tim Hills

The Llanlleonfel Yew - felled in 1999
Tim Hills

The Selborne Yew - blown down in 1990
Peter Norton

The Woodford Yew - 1987
Tim Hills and Dave Martin

The Cholsey Yew - blown down in 1989
Tim Hills/Allen Meredith/Janet Wedgwood

The Dibden Yew - blown down in 1837
Tim HIlls