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Yew/Yews at Bockleton England

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Notes: October 1997 - The larger of Bockleton's 2 yews, growing SE of the church. A thickened horse shoe shape. It was recorded in the 1866 Woolhope Papers as `partially hollow, with a girth of 24' 6'' at 5' and 25' 5'' at 3'.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: A-pg, hsh
Girth cm: 681
Height measured: at 30cm
Girth ft ins: 22' 4'' at 1' in 1997
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention: 1838
Source of earliest mention: Girth recorded by Loudon. (1897- John Lowe)
Date of visit: 01/10/1997
Latest information: March 2002 A tree survey, commissioned by the Caring for God`s Acre project was carried out by Phi Evans. Burry growth was noted on the trunk. There was some dead wood in the crown, but no rot. No remedial work was called for and it was reported as 'massive and ancient, but looks a healthy tree'.

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