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Peer reviewed papers, theses and dissertations

The exceptional yew trees of England, Scotland and Wales 
by Andy Moir, Toby Hindson, Tim Hills and Richard Haddlesey   2013

The article first appeared in the Royal Forestry Society's Quarterly Journal of Forestry July 2013 and is reproduced with their permission. Copyright is with the Royal Forestry Society and the authors. 


Comparison of invertebrates and lichens between young and ancient yew trees
Jonathan Clerckx    2015

"My dissertation project and internship took place in an ancient yew woodland reserve called Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve. Kingley Vale NNR is managed by Natural England. My dissertation deals with the biodiversity in these woodlands". 


The following papers can be read in Forest Systems, a journal of the Instituto Nacional de Investigacion y Technologia Agraria y Alimentaria 

Introduction to the special section TAXUS            Xavier Garcia, Pere Casals, Jordi Camprodon

Response of European yews to climate change: a review    Peter Thomas, Xavier Garcia-Marti

Geographic consistency in the seed dispersal patterns of Taxus baccata L. in the Iberian Peninsula   Jessica E. Lavabre, Daniel García

Restoration of European yew (Taxus baccata L.) in Mediterranean mountains: importance of seedling nursery fertilization and post-planting light levels  Juan L. Nicolás Peragón, Luis F. Benito Matias, Jaime Puértolas Simón

Forest structure of Mediterranean yew (Taxus baccata L.) populations and neighbor effects on juvenile yew performance in the NE Iberian PeninsulaPere Casals, Jordi Camprodon, Antonia Caritat, Ana I. Rios, David Guixé, Xavier Garcia-Marti, Santiago Martín-Alcón, Lluis Coll

Yew matriarchies of the Sierra de Francia. Dynamics and ecology of recently identified Yew populations in the Central Iberian Mountain Range (Sistema Central) Prudencio Fernández-González, Antonio Fernández-Morcuende, Enrique García-Gomariz, M. José Rodríguez-Rivas, Esteban Sánchez-Amador, Fernando Vasco-Encuentra

Growth-climate relationships at yew and wild service trees on the eastern edge of their range in Europe   Anna Cedro, Bernard Cedro

Taxus globosa Schltdl. (Mexican yew) and Taxus baccata L. (European yew): intra and interspecies analysis of taxol content and biological activity according to different sources  Lidia Osuna-Torres, Xavier García-Martí, Elsa Ventura-Zapata, Javier López-Upton, Alejandro Zamilpa-Alvarez, Manases González-Cortázar, Maribel Herrera-Ruiz, Nadia Tapia-Barrera