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Looking After Ancient Yew

Articles that support our endeavour to protect and manage ancient yews

Why are Yew Trees a Special Case for Management    
2021 - Chris Knapman

Some Management Considerations for our Ancient Yews  
Revised July 2014 - Russell Ball 

The Health of Yew
Pathological Advisory Note published by the Tree Health Division of Forest Research at Alice Holt. 

Death by Pollarding
Toby Hindson

Examples of Good Practice
Tim Hills

Ivy on old yews - to leave or to remove?
Tim Hills

The Caynham Yew crown reduction- removing between 10% and 15%
work carried out by David Alviti in February 2012

Caring for Yews
Copyright © Chetan and Brueton and reproduced with kind permission of the authors, Anand Chetan and Diana Brueton

The Ancient Yews Of Britain- Our neglected heritage
By Fiona Anderson

Spotlight on the Ancient Yew Group (PDF) 150Kb
Chris Catling, writing in Current Archaeology, highlights the work being done by the Ancient yew Group.

Fighting for Trees
by Sandra Saer

How three young yews were saved in Croatia (PDF) 260Kb
by Anton Papi? (April 2012)

In Defence of Younger Yews
by Paul Greenwood

A Dozen Golden Rules for Campaigning
by Rachel Palmer

Ancient Yews and Tree Preservation Orders 
by Russell Ball (2011)