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Graham Wilkinson Surveys in Northern England

On 22nd February 1995 Graham Wilkinson began to gather information about yew tree populations in the north of England. His interest was sparked by Chetan and Brueton’s 1994 book The Sacred Yew. He was ‘puzzled by the complete lack of listed trees in Northumbria and Durham’ and the fact that only one site was mentioned in Yorkshire. In the following years Graham was to put the record straight, visiting about 900 sites, mainly churchyard, and systematically recording all the yews he found. 

This is a major contribution towards our knowledge of yews in a part of England for which there has until now been little information. It is unfortunate that Graham will never know the important contribution he has made towards the knowledge of yews. After his death the work he had carried out remained locked in his computer, until discovered by a close friend, who realised its potential significance and gave it to the Ancient Yew Group.    

On the following pages can be found information as follows:

COUNTY DURHAM  - 124 sites visited - yews recorded at  43

CUMBRIA - 243 sites visited - yews recorded at 113

CUMBRIA - formerly LANCASHIRE – 31 sites visited - yews recorded at 25

NORTHUMBRIA  - 170 sites visited - yews recorded at 59

YORKSHIRE - NORTH RIDING - 279 sites visited. Yews recorded at 111.

YORKSHIRE - WEST RIDING  -  33 sites visited. Yews recorded at 20.

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Danby Moors


Guisborough Priory


Rosedale Abbey

St Gregory's Minster

St Nicholas, Cockayne