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Oldest Yews in each County

The Oldest Yews in each County

While the oldest yews are likely to be the largest girthed this is not always the case, for example where only a fragment of the original tree remains (eg  AldworthAstbury). Some of the oldest yews grow as 2 or more fragments (eg Molash, StalisfieldUpper Chapel).
Counties with a scarcity of old yews will have relatively young trees listed while those well endowed with ancient yews may find significant trees omitted from this list.
Those counties with the largest numbers of ancient yews sites are Powys (41) Hampshire (27) Kent (22) Herefordshire (17) Sussex (17) Shropshire (15) Somerset (15) Surrey (14) Monmouthshire (14).  To find a full list of the ancient sites in these counties go to the Yew Gazetteer. 
The status of each tree is noted as (A) Ancient, (V) Veteran, (N) Notable.
* denotes non-churchyard yews, some of which are on private land

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