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Yew/Yews at Eglwysilan

Copyright © Tim Hills - 2006
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Site notes: It is thought that the Parish church of St Ilan was built on the site of an earlier chapel or cell from the age of the saints. Two yews grow on the south side. The first photo shows the largest, growing close to the church porch. In the second, both trees can be seen, with the largest on the left.
Yews recorded at this site: 2 veteran Country: Wales
Protection & Responsibility: OS Map No. & Grid Ref: 171/ST10658901
Site type: churchyard Public access: Yes
Church name: St Ilan Lost yew site: No
Diocese: Llandaff Date Visited: 18-Nov-06
Nearest town: Pontypridd/Caerphilly Recorded by: Tim Hills
County: Caerphilly

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