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Yew/Yews at Elvaston Castle Country Park

Copyright © Tim Hills - 2006
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Site notes: One of the few places to have a cultivar named after it - Taxus baccata Elvastonensis. I was invited to visit this site by the Friends of Elvaston, who are concerned that this unique landscape might be passed into the hands of developers. Since 1970 it has belonged to the people of Derby and open to all. Any plans that deprive the public from visiting large parts of this exceptional site should be resisted, as should any attempts to fell large numbers of these well established yews. The 5 photos here represent the more formal aspect of the yews found at this site. 10 examples of the too numerous to count 150/300 year old yews can be seen on the Tree Information page.
Yews recorded at this site: Numerous Country: England
Protection & Responsibility: OS Map No. & Grid Ref:
Site type: parkland Public access: Yes
Church name: N/A Lost yew site: No
Diocese: Date Visited: 26-Nov-06
Nearest town: Derby Recorded by: Tim Hills
County: Derbyshire

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