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Yew/Yews at Crowhurst, Sussex

Copyright © Christian Wolf collection - 2007
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Site notes: Peter Norton: Crowhurst is probably derived from the Anglo Saxon Crohha hyrst (muddy wooded hill), it is mentioned as Croghyrste around 772, when King Offa of Mercia, gave the Bishop of Selsey 8 hides within the village. In return, the Bishop built a church for the population. Later known as Croherst in the Domesday Book of 1086. The church was rebuilt in 1412 after Henry IV gave Sir John Pelham the manor. Three large yews grow at this site. The largest, shown in these early images supplied by Christian Wolf, has been documented since 1680.
Yews recorded at this site: 1 ancient, 2 veteran Country: England
Protection & Responsibility: OS Map No. & Grid Ref: 199/TQ75731233
Site type: churchyard Public access: Yes
Church name: St George Lost yew site: No
Diocese: Chichester Date Visited: 07-Jul-99
Nearest town: Hastings Recorded by: Tim Hills
County: Sussex - East

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