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Yew/Yews at Cusop

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Site notes: Peter Norton: The original dedication of St Mary's Church, Cusop was to the Welsh saint, St Cewydd, the Welsh Rain Saint. In fact the name Cusop is derived from Cewydd. Cewydd was the son of Caw of Prydyn (Pict Land) whose family, having been expelled from their territory in North Britain, sought refuge in Wales. Cewydd remains the patron of churches in Aberedw and Disserth. The presence of the magnificent, ancient yew trees in the churchyard raises the probability that the church was built on a former Pagan site; yew trees were considered to be symbols of fertility and immortality in Pagan times (Church History). Traces of early 12th century fabric can still be found – although nothing older remains.
Yews recorded at this site: 2 ancient, 1 veteran, 1 notable Country: England
Protection & Responsibility: OS Map No. & Grid Ref: 161/SO240415
Site type: churchyard Public access: Yes
Church name: St Mary (Cewydd) Lost yew site: No
Diocese: Hereford Date Visited: 18-Aug-99
Nearest town: Hay on Wye Recorded by: Tim Hills
County: Herefordshire

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