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Yew/Yews at Lorton Vale

Copyright © Tim Hills - 2002
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Site notes: Probably the only yew to date to have a whole book written about it. Entitled 'Wordsworth and the famous Lorton Yew Tree' it was published in 2004 by the Lorton and Derwent Fells Local History Society. The tree is on private land close to a stream behind a former brewery. In 2008 the land was owned by local farmer, John Tyson. In 2011 the space beneath the tree was being used to store logs - perhaps not a good idea at a time when a hot April has led to fires in the area.
Yews recorded at this site: 1 ancient Country: England
Protection & Responsibility: OS Map No. & Grid Ref: 89/NY16202540
Site type: field Public access: Yes
Church name: N/A Lost yew site: No
Diocese: Date Visited: 27-Jun-02
Nearest town: Cockermouth Recorded by: Tim Hills
County: Cumbria

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