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Individual Yew Reports for Non Churchyard Yews

The links contained within this page are about individual yew reports for non churchyard yews.

Angus:  The Marquis of Montrose's yew- a false legend
by Colin McLeod

Cumbria: The Borrowdale yews - The "Fraternal Four" near Seathwaite (PDF3.84Mb)
by Toby Hindson (October 2012)

Gloucestershire: The Tarlton Yews  (PDF) 1Mb 
by Tim Hills (July 2012) 

Herefordshire:  The Kynaston Yew – survivor of a landslide in 1575
Compiled by Tim Hills

Highland:  St. Columba’s Yew, Bernera - a Miracle of Yew Regeneration
by Paul Greenwood

Oxfordshire: A notable yew grove at Tiddington
by Tim Hills (February 2012)

Renfrewshire:  The Craigends Yew Grove (PDF) 384Kb
A grove thought to date back to the 1400s - by Bryan Bowes

Renfrewshire: William Wallace's Yew 
by Paul Greenwood

Somerset: The Yews of Brockley (PDF)1.27Mb
by Tim Hills (April 2012)

Staffordshire:The Yews of Himley Hall  (PDF) 286Kb
by Tim Hills (February 2012)

Wiltshire: The Longleat Yew  (PDF) 125Kb
by Tim Hills (October 2013)  

Worcestershire/West Midlands:  The Wychbury Hill Yews (PDF) 220Kb
A record of the yews at this Hill Fort site in 2001 by Tim Hills

Yorkshire:  The Fountains Abbey Yews  (PDF) 842Kb
Trees recorded in word and illustration since the 1800s - by Tim Hills

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