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La Haye de Routot

 The Ancient Yew Group has a record of only 26 ancient yews in churchyards in northern France. Two of these grow side by side in the churchyard at La Haye de Routot. When one of them was deliberately poisoned it galvanised into action a group that calls themselves Les Amis des ifs - Friends of the yew.

La Haye de Routot - A cause for celebration - Tim Hills and Janice Gregory          April 22nd 2015

La Haye de Routot - Une cause a defendre - Translation by Alain Joubert             May 2015

An article in The Connexion - Samantha David                                                   August 2015 
Villagers find out that, despite their age and importance, yew trees have no special protection in France.  

The children from l'école d'Hauville learn about their yew and display their work in the churchyard.

A single female branch is discovered on the male tree