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Yew/Yews at Cranborne / Damerham area - White House Copse England

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Notes: Tree 4 - 2005 Tim Hills: The tree has fragmented into two sides, one of which is fed by an internal stem filling part of its centre. Many thick upright branches make this a particularly tall tree. Girth 22' 7'' close to the ground.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: A-wild, g, bm, hol
Girth cm: 688
Height measured:
Girth ft ins: 22' 7''
Sex: female
Earliest mention: 2005
Source of earliest mention: Peter Andrews
Date of visit: 10-Nov-05
Latest information: Peter Norton 2015: Girth of 22' 3'' at the ground. Hollow with a large internal stem, much white wood in evidence, with secondary wood flowing around it. Girth includes a thick ivy stem. Found at SU0747214264. Peter Andrews 2010: Large female yew. Very tall, multi stemmed above its hollow and split base. Initial measurement of 25' at 3' does not give a true picture of its size. We passed a tape through small side branches and spray and recorded 23' at the base. This fine tree seems to have been a favourite with local children, with many well made platforms in the branches.

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