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Yew/Yews at Breamore England

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Copyright © Tim Hills - 1999
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Notes: January 1999 - A unique growth pattern, with a circle of individual trunks, none of great size, rising from a 3' shell. In the central space is a mound of roots. The trunk in the left foreground of photos 1 and 2 is a self seeded male. This will eventually be 'swallowed up' by the expansion of the female tree and it will appear as a tree exhibiting both sexes. The 3rd photo shows where the girth was measured in 2012, excluding the male tree. In the remaining photos is some of the detail on the inside of the tree.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: ancient - exceptional
Girth cm: 1082
Height measured: at 60cm
Girth ft ins: 35' 6'' at 2' in 1999
Sex: female
Earliest mention: 1888
Source of earliest mention: Information from Shore, Notes and Queries. (1897- John Lowe)
Date of visit: 10-Jan-99
Latest information: 2012 June - measured just above bulbous growth on the southwest side of the tree.Measurement including young male 35' 11'', excluding it 35' 6'' (Peter Norton). August 2006 - visited by 38 members of Eibenfreunde (Friends of the yew) as part of a 10 day tour looking at some of the finest yew sites in southern England. 5th January 2003 Russell Cleaver - Impressive tree, impressive site. Hollow partially fragmented stem. Reduced but full crown.

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