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Yew/Yews at Papplewick England

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Notes: The tree is reported locally to be about 350 years old, but could well be older. In 1884 its girth was recorded as 14'. I took 3 measurements: (1) at the height of the surrounding seat it was 13' 2'' (2) at 3' it was exactly 14' and (3) at 4' it was 14' 11''. This suggests a slow rate of growth. In 1884 its hollow cavity and 'a young sapling sprung up in the cavity' were noted. This is undoubtedly an internal stem, and it could still just be seen through the timbers which have been hammered onto the tree. The tombstone lying close to the tree bears the date 17th April 1667. We can only speculate whether this yew was planted for Alfred Sadler or whether he was buried beneath an already old and established yew.
Classification: notable
Classification Codes: N
Girth cm: 427
Height measured: at 90cm
Girth ft ins: 14' at 3'
Sex: male
Earliest mention: 1884
Source of earliest mention: Notes on Papplewick - Mrs Riley
Date of visit: 08-Sep-09
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