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Yew/Yews at Crowhurst, Surrey England

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Notes: July 1999 - Tim Hills: This is one of the '50 Great British Trees' chosen to celebrate the Queen's jubilee year. The first surprise is to discover that the door into this vast hollow is in fact only 4' high! There is only one further gap in the almost complete circle of about 32'. The whole tree leans slightly away from the church. October 2008 - Richard Cooper: Girth of 10.06m at about 1.45m above ground level -this seems to be a natural narrowing or smallest diameter. I also measured at another natural narrowing, about 30cm above the ground and recorded a girth of 10.37m. The tree is looking good, clean and remarkably un-vandalised. The little door can now no longer be opened as the tree is expanding over the closing edge. The non-living wood, seen centrally in the 4th photo is now quite wobbly, as is some on the opposite side of the trunk. All in all a fantastic tree. October 2013 - Peter Norton: A fine male tree with large basal cavities, four main branches and one small branch supported by wooden poles. New growth spreading over the old and decaying wood is much in evidence. Foliage was healthy and no die back noted although there was some evidence of needle drop. Girth at 4' was 32' 11'' (1003cm).
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes:
Girth cm: 1003
Height measured: at 122cm
Girth ft ins: 32' 11'' at 4' in 2013
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention:
Source of earliest mention: 1630: Parish records - information collected by Allen Meredith
Date of visit: 09-Jul-99
Latest information:

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