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Yew/Yews at Darley Dale England

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Notes: The yew grows SSW of the church, its branches dipping to the ground around much of the tree.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: A-g, pg, hist
Girth cm: 831
Height measured: at the ground
Girth ft ins: 27' 3'' in 1983 (Baxter)
Sex: female
Earliest mention: 1782
Source of earliest mention: Measurement recorded by Dr Burgh (The Sacred Yew - Chetan and Brueton)
Date of visit: 09-Aug-99
Latest information: Dougald Purce September 2015: Condition of tree is still good and management - or lack of - is appropriate. Some very minor browning on tips possible associated with yew gall midges but not enough to be a concern.

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