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Yew/Yews at Ibstone England

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Copyright © Tim Hills - 2001
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Notes: Girth recorded here in 2001. The tree has a knobbly bole, similar to those seen at Dartington and Farleigh. Part of the tree`s interior had been filled with concrete.
Classification: veteran
Classification Codes: V-g
Girth cm: 663
Height measured: at the ground
Girth ft ins: 21' 9''
Sex: male
Earliest mention: 1862
Source of earliest mention: History and topography of Buckinghamshire by James Joseph Sheahan
Date of visit: 24-Feb-01
Latest information: 10th April 2014 Peter Norton: In 1958 Swanton published his book on the yews of England:'The church is in a very secluded spot high up on the hills; Mr Giltrow and I measured it on October 15th, 1954. The trunk is not hollow and there is much spray on it. Girth about 18' 6''. The crown of 9 branches has an umbrage 61ft in diameter'. In 2001 the yew was recorded as 21' 6'' at the ground; it was not possible to measure at this height as chicken wire has been placed against the bole, but at 3' 6'' from the ground a girth of 19' 10'' was recorded.

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