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Yew/Yews at Kenn England

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Notes: Tim Hills - February 1999: A massive and imposing yew of two distinct sections, growing SE of the church. In 1840 its girth 'a foot and a half from the bottom' was recorded as 33 feet 2 inches. October 2007 - Ian Robert Brown: The tree can be accessed from one side onto an earthy platform about 5ft high. The two main trunks look strong and healthy. Much of the hollowing must have occured some time ago as there is a lot of new sapwood laid down on the inside of the hollow. The tree looks in good health, with thick foliage on its spreading branches. Although all coming from the same point, the trunks/boughs seem to have taken on their own identity. October 2008 - Chris Knapman: The yew has fruiting bodies of Laetiporus in a few places. April 2015 - Peter Norton: The large imposing male yew grows near to the southeast wall of the church. It is comprised of a low platform from which nine stems and further subdivisions can be observed. Only the north side of the yew allows you to view the interior while the remaining sides are covered in young growth. One easterly branch is propped and also in the interior this same branch has a small patch of albino growth. Around the southern base large amounts of dried grass had to be moved to get the tape around as close to the ground as possible. Here a girth of exactly 35' was recorded.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes:
Girth cm: 1056
Height measured: at the ground
Girth ft ins: 34' 8'' in 1999
Sex: Male
Earliest mention:
Source of earliest mention: 1840: Ecclesiastical antiquities in Devon - George Oliver
Date of visit: 07-Feb-99
Latest information:

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