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Yew/Yews at Saint- Ouen-le- Pin France

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Notes: The yew was recorded in 1862 in Arcisse de Caumont's Statistique monumental du Calvados, vol 4, p165. In 2018 I recorded girths as follows: 5.33m at 50cm (above the bulging roots); 5.24m at 100cm and 5.34m at 130cm. The tree is fluted and had one opening on the south side revealing numerous internal stems. Inside was about 75cm of humus.
Classification: veteran
Classification Codes:
Girth cm: 524
Height measured: at 100cm
Girth ft ins:
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention:
Source of earliest mention: 1862: Arcisse de Caumont
Date of visit: 21-Jul-18
Latest information:

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