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Yew/Yews at Vaudry France

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Notes: A large girthed tree with a seemingly intact trunk and no obvious sign of hollowing. The overall appearance is of a narrow tree which from a height of about 12' and upwards consists of a main branch and two rising limbs.The following girths were recorded: 19' 4'' at 1', 18' 6'' at 2' and 19' 5'' at 5'. Girth at 1' will not be repeatable since the bark is so flaky that it becomes detached from the tree at the slightest touch.
Classification: veteran
Classification Codes: V
Girth cm: 564
Height measured: at 60cm
Girth ft ins: 18' 6'' at 2'
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention: 2019
Source of earliest mention: Tim Hills
Date of visit: 12-Jun-19
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