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Yew/Yews at Sully France

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Notes: The yew was measured with difficulty, but 12' 1'' of trunk and 4' 3'' of wall gives a girth above 16'. The wall has no doubt played its part in the trunk's elongated form. It develops five main branches from a height of about 6'. A 6th major branch has been truncated, as well as many smaller ones on the side of the tree above the wall. The wall has had its direction altered, probably more than once, to allow for the tree's presence.
Classification: veteran
Classification Codes: V
Girth cm: 498
Height measured:
Girth ft ins: 16' 4''
Sex: male
Earliest mention: 1857
Source of earliest mention: Arcisse de Caumont
Date of visit: 16-Jun-19
Latest information:

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