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Yew/Yews at Llandre Wales

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Copyright © Tim Hills - 1999
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Notes: June 1999 Tim Hills: These 3 separated fragments are undoubtedly parts of one tree - either a great bole that split apart, or peripheral growth on the edge of a decaying bole of which there is now no trace above ground. I was only able to ascertain the sex of one of the fragments as female. The yew is becoming increasingly hemmed in by deciduous trees that fill this rambling churchyard. Girth was taken around the base of all 3 fragments.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: ancient - exceptional
Girth cm: 1066
Height measured: at the ground
Girth ft ins: 35' approx. In 1999
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention: 1880
Source of earliest mention: The Yew-Trees of Britain and Ireland (1897) John Lowe
Date of visit: 10-Jun-99
Latest information: 2008 - The tree was damaged by fire - David Alderman. Girth of 1031 cm at the ground was recorded.

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