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Yew/Yews at Overton Wales

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Copyright © Tim Hills - 1999
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Notes: This yew grows NW of the church. Since my visit in 1999 a fence (seen in the third photo) has been placed around the tree. This will not only help avoid soil compaction, it means that large dead fragment can decay in situ, a process that might take one or two centuries.The remaining propped fragment consists of two hollow stems linked for about 4'.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: A-fgs
Girth cm: 478
Height measured:
Girth ft ins: 15' 8''
Sex: male
Earliest mention: 1802
Source of earliest mention: The bardic museum: of primitive British literature
Date of visit: 11-Aug-99
Latest information: 2014 - The fence around the tree apparently has no entry gate. It is hoped that this will not make it too difficult to deal with the ivy that is beginning to cover the lower part of the tree. In the 3rd photo it would appear that the large dead fragment has been removed.

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