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Yew/Yews at Tandridge - churchyard England

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Notes: July 1999 Tim Hills: The yew grows to the west of the church. One of the finest yews, it boasts not only great girth but also considerable height carried on many straight fluted branches. In addition to its vast spreading canopy of green, younger yews growing nearby have probably layered from the parent tree. Its cavernous hollow was darkened by fire or smoke. I saw two large areas of fungal growth, one close to a sawn off limb, the other near to the ground.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes:
Girth cm: 1077
Height measured: close to ground
Girth ft ins: 34' 5'' just above bulging roots
Sex: female
Earliest mention: 1854
Source of earliest mention: England and Wales Delineated - Thomas Dugdale
Date of visit: 09-Jul-99
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