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Yew/Yews at Fountains Abbey England

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Copyright © Tim Hills - 2002
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Notes: June 2002 Tim Hills: A bulging hollow tree.
Classification: ancient
Classification Codes: A-hist, urn
Girth cm: 663
Height measured: at 30cm
Girth ft ins: 21' 9'' at 1' in 2002
Sex: unspecified
Earliest mention: 1658
Source of earliest mention: The Yew-Trees of Britain and Ireland (1897) John Lowe
Date of visit: 15-Jun-02
Latest information: 2008- Edwin Pretty notes that all the cavities have been covered over with plastic mesh to prevent owls, bats etc from living in the tree. According to Michael Ridsdale, Head of Landscape, there are 8 species of bats and a wide variety of owls on site with more than enough roosting spaces.

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