Hope Bagot Yew collapse

Published: 6 January 2023

Following a major limb failure in April 2022 on the South-West side of the tree the remaining canopy has been exposed to prevailing winds.

On Friday the 6th of January 2023 strong winds caused a major failure of the majority of the remaining crown. The fallen sections of the crown collapsed to the north/north-east across the holy-well and blocked the lane to Knowbury.

Following the crown failure, the PCC informed the Shropshire Council Highways Team and the TWC tree gangs that provide emergency works for the Shropshire Council Highways. The TWC tree gang cleared the road and large sections of wood and stem have been stacked on the embankments or moved to the Parish Hall carpark.

Dougald Purce – Tree & Woodland Amenity Protection Officer, Shropshire Council 9th January 2023