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The Ancient Yew - Information for members of the public

This web site is sponsored by The Tree Register
Development of the web site database has been achieved with support from The Conservation Foundation

Aims of the Ancient Yew Group (2003)

  • To raise public awareness of the national and world wide importance of our ancient Yews.
  • To survey, record and monitor the health of our ancient Yews.
  • To highlight potential threats.
  • To research and collate all modern and historical references of our ancient Yew heritage.
  • To provide advice to help people protect their ancient Yews.
  • To campaign for better protection and seek government support.
  • To bring together Yew tree enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to discuss, enthuse and help towards achieving the above aims.

Vision of the Ancient Yew Group (2003)

  • That information on Yew trees and their conservation is widely known amongst all relevant organisations and individuals as a result of this web site.
  • That research funding be made available for further studies of the yew tree eg recording methodology, longitudinal growth patterns, detailed photography, video-recording etc..
  • There is a nationwide consultancy service offering advice on the care of yew trees.
  • That Ancient Yew trees receive strong legal protection, both British and European.
  • That a charitable trust exists for the conservation and promotion of ancient yew trees.