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Individual Yew Reports for Churchyard Yews

The links contained within this page are of reports on individual churchyard yews.

Bedhampton   The Bedhampton Yews, Hampshire  (PDF 384Kb)
A report by Hugh Milner and Peter Norton (January 2012)

Beltingham  The Beltingham Yews, Northumberland
One of the most essential sites in the whole UK
by Paul Greenwood

Bentley     The Yew Avenue in the Churchyard at Bentley, Hampshire (PDF) 1.35Mb
An analysis of records, assessment and aging of Taxus baccata L.specimens (2001)

Bettws Newydd  The Venerable Yews of Bettws Newydd (PDF) 270Kb
A leaflet available to visitors of Bettws Newydd church

Crowhurst, Surrey    The Crowhurst Yew in Surrey  (PDF) 670 Kb
with contributions from Jeroen Pater, Toby Hindson and others. Compiled by Tim Hills
(September 2009)

Crowhurst, Sussex    Yews at Crowhurst, Sussex (PDF) 1.44Mb
by Toby Hindson and Lesley Elphick  (June 2012)

Culmstock  The Culmstock Yew (PDF) 300Kb
A yew growing in a church tower - Margaret Bromwich
(September 2009)

East Woodhay - The Burning Bush (PDF) 140Kb
An article from St Martin`s church website

Fareham  The Fareham Yew (PDF) 110Kb
One of Hampshire`s ancient yews - Malcolm Low

Gresford  The Gresford Yews (PDF) 360Kb
A 200 year history - compiled by Tim Hills

Harlington The Harlington Yew
Based on a chapter from “Harlington and Harmondsworth: A History and Guide” by Philip Sherwood. Tempus Publishing 2002.

Hemsworth  Hemsworth`s famous Yew tree faces chop (PDF) 60 Kb
Stuart Robinson writes in the Yorkshire Evening Post - March 2010

Llanfoist   The Llanfoist Yew - a fallen giant (PDF 466Kb)
An ancient yew felled by high winds in January 2012 - Tim Hills

Lyneham  Heavy snow damages ageing yew tree (PDF) 80Kb
A report in Lyneham Village Online

Monketon  Yew Trees of the lost church and manor of Monketon (PDF) 3.80Mb
A successful search for yews recorded by Hasted in 1798 - Cliff Hansford

Offwell  The “Decayed but Reviving Churchyard Yew” at Offwell, Devon
An example of the recuperative power of the yew tree - Tim Hills

Payhembury The Payhembury Yew
One of Devon`s ancient yews - Robin Stanes

Stowe  The Stowe (Shropshire) Yew   
An example of good practice following the collapse of a major part of this veteran yew - Tim Hills

Upminster  The Upminster Yew Avenue (PDF) 300Kb
by Dave Martin

Westbourne The Westbourne Yew Avenue, West Sussex (PDF) 515Kb
by Peter Norton and Tim Hills

Yattendon  The Yattendon Yew
A compilation of information starting in 1666 - Tim Hills