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TROBI published articles

The Tree Register of the British Isles (TROBI) sponsors the Ancient Yew Group by providing the framework for this website. TROBI has published a newsletter since 1990 and the Ancient Yew Group's contributions are included on this page:  

The Borrowdale Yews of Cumbria  -  Derek Holdsworth        Newsletter No.9 1999/2000

Ancient Upland Yew - New research  -  Paul Greenwood         Newsletter No 13    2003/2004

Borrowdale - A victim of Nature  -  Paul Greenwood        Newsletter No. 14  2004/2005  

The Ancient Yew Group - What we have achieved since 2005  -  Tim Hills        Newsletter No. 15   2005/2006

Tree Register gains European appeal  -  David Alderman        Newsletter No.16   2006/2007

The Kynaston Yew - The History of a yew brought up to date  -  Tim Hills        Newsletter No.16   2006/2007

Cranborne Chase -The study of an ancient yew woodland  -  Peter Andrews      Newsletter No.17   2007/2008

Xtreme tree hunting   Ancient Cliff Trees  -  David Alderman       Newsletter No.18   2008/2009

Ancient Yew Group's New Website  -  Tim Hills        Latest news   Spring 2011 - No. 2 

The Llanfoist Yew - a fallen giant  -  Tim Hills     Newsletter No. 20   2011/2012

Yew News - A survey of our ancient yew woodlands  -  Tim Hills        Latest news   Autumn 2012 - No.5

Yew News - The cluster of Ancient and Veteran Yews around Ashford in Kent  -  Tim Hills       Latest news  Summer 2013 - No.6  

Ancient Yew Group Website information  -  Tim Hills       Latest news   Autumn 2013 - No.7 

The Acton Beauchamp Yew - Saved by History  -  Tim Hills       Newsletter No.21   2012/2013

Yew News - Latest Yew Discoveries  -  Tim Hills       Newsletter No.22   2013/2014

Historic Yews - The Wordsworth connection  -  Tim Hills       Latest news   Summer 2014 - No. 8 

Yews Under Threat - Church for sale, quiet location and two remarkable yew trees  -  Tim Hills       Latest news   October 2014 - No.9

Entente Cordiale helps protect a French Yew       Latest news   October 2014 - No.9

The Tandridge Yew and the mysterious Saxon stone vaulting  -  Tim Hills     Newsletter No.23     2014/2015 

The Broich Yew  -  Charles Henderson       Latest news   Summer 2015

The Clipsham Yew  -  Latest News   Summer 2015

Exceptional Yew Trees - Toby Hindson and Tim Hills      Latest news   Autumn 2015 

The Marston Bigot Yew in Somerset  - Tim Hills       Latest news   Summer 2016 

Marker and Boundary Yew - Paul Wood's many new discoveries  -  Newsletter No.24     2015/2016

The Yew of Newlands Corner and Merrow Down  -  Toby Hindson  -  Newsletter No.25     2016/2017  

Yester Yew  -  David Alderman  -  Newsletter No 25     2016/2017

New map for Ancient Yew Group  -  Tim Hills        Latest news Autumn 2017 

Welsh Border Yews  - Tim Hills        Newsletter No. 27          2018/2019