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Toby Hindson research papers

This page contains research papers written by Toby Hindson

Yews at Crowhurst, Sussex (PDF) 1.44Mb
by Toby Hindson and Lesley Elphick - 2012

Old Taxus Baccata specimens at Kingley Vale near Chichester (PDF) 385Kb
An investigation into the growth rates of large yews, made possible by Peter Norton's survey of 2012

The growth rate of Taxus baccata (PDF) 590Kb
by Toby Hindson 2000 (revised 2007)

Studies of felled Yews (PDF) 730Kb
by Toby Hindson 2008

The Yews of Alice Holt (PDF) 2.46Mb
by Toby Hindson 1998 (revised 2008)


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