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Yew/Yews at Ratby England

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Notes: Doug Harwood has provided the following historical records. 'A remarkable old yew tree which is hastening towards annihilation' was described on p.885 of History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' by Nichols. J. (1795 - 1815) In Selected views of Leicestershire: Vol. 2 -Supplementary Volume on Leicestershire Villages and Places of Note, (p81) J.Throsby (1789) describes the tree as 'a remarkable old yew tree on its stumps'. 200 years later this remarkable 'relic of an ancient tree' continues to thrive. It is likely to be the oldest tree in Leicestershire.
Classification: veteran
Classification Codes: V-fr
Girth cm:
Height measured:
Girth ft ins: unmeasurable
Sex: male
Earliest mention: 1789
Source of earliest mention: Selected views of Leicestershire - J.Throsby
Date of visit: 12-Apr-06
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