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Nearest town: Edinburgh

Site type: historic site

Access: Private

Church name: No Data

Diocese: No Data

County: East Lothian

Country: Scotland

Grid ref: NT41206761

Lost yew site: No

Date visited: 27-Jul-01

Recorded by: Tim Hills

Protection & responsibility: No data

Yews recorded at this site: Ancient 5m-7m, Notable

Notes: An exceptional site on a private estate. The yews are difficult to locate and ownership of the land unclear. It is recorded that a document was signed beneath the largest yew in 1474. The canopy of two yews and their numerous layers combine to create what is seen in the photograph. A third yew nearby is also recorded here. Further to the south is another group, possibly planted with the intention of creating a similar feature. Their girths in 2013 are 2.65m at 0.2m, 2.08m at 1.5m and a fallen tree re-growing of c.2.25m at 1.5m. These don't look that old and could be 1800-1850 plantings. A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, originally published by S Lewis in 1846 noted 'a remarkable yew of more than 200 years' growth, which is still in full vigour, and measures seventeen feet in girth at a height of five feet from the ground'.

Yew trees at Ormiston:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
660 Ormiston Ancient 5m-7m 503cm at 30cm - view more info
86 Ormiston Images Currently Unavailable Notable 356cm at 90cm - view more info
661 Ormiston Notable 313cm at 30cm - view more info