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Nearest town: Brecon

Site type: footpath/road

Access: Private

Church name: No Data

Diocese: No Data

County: Powys

Country: Wales

Grid ref: SO04403277

Lost yew site: No

Date visited: 1-Jul-16

Recorded by: Paul Wood

Protection & responsibility: Landowner

Yews recorded at this site: Ancient 4m-5m

Notes: This yew is found about 800m south of Garthbrengy church, on the southeast boundary of a property called Pant-y-Cored. It is described as a house of the gentry with a 17th century roof, and is certainly a courtyard type house of that period. Not a lot more is known. The footpath this yew grows alongside was once the main route from Garthbrengy church to the Bishops Palace at Llanddew. It grows on a wall which looks contemporary with the walls in the vicinity. Other trees of age grow nearby, namely sweet chestnut, oak and a holly that has been larger still. Is it possible that this tree might be late Tudor or early Stuart landscape garden in origin? Its deep green foliage was noticed when I was visiting Garthbengy church. It grows just inside the fence of a property so is on private land, but it can be reached via the road and footpath on the tree's north side. It also seemed to me that the yew would be visible from the top of the church towers at Llanddew, Llandefaelog Fach and Garthbrengy.

Yew trees at Pant-y-cored:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
4965 Pant-y-cored Ancient 4m-5m No data available - view more info