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Sodington Hall

Nearest town: Cleobury Mortimer

Site type: garden

Access: Private

Church name: No Data

Diocese: No Data

County: Worcestershire

Country: England

Grid ref: SO69387100

Lost yew site: No

Date visited: 13-Sep-13

Recorded by: Tim Hills

Protection & responsibility: No data

Yews recorded at this site: Ancient 4m-5m

Notes: This old fortified site dates back as far as the Romans and there has been a house here for at least 1000 years. The earliest modern records are of a fortified house with four drawbridges over its moat in the mid 13th Century. For nearly 400 years after this Sodington was the principal seat of a prominent English family. In around 1646 it was burnt by Parliamentary forces, but the estate was returned after Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660. Local legend has it that the yew tree close to the house was planted in 1662 to commemorate the visit of Charles II to Sodington.

Yew trees at Sodington Hall:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
4227 Sodington Hall Ancient 4m-5m 472cm above roots - view more info