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Bryngwyn - Powys

Tree ID: 4889

Yews recorded: Ancient 4m-5m

Tree girth: 472cm

Girth height: No data

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: No data

Source of earliest mention: 1996: Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust


1996: The existence of a second significant yew at Bryngwyn was first noted by the Clwyd/Powys Archaeological Trust during a field visit in 1996, when they described it as ‘new growth from an old stump’.
2016 – Paul Wood: Examined what appears to be a young tree growing about 10m west of the church. Close inspection revealed that it is indeed part of an old rotting stump of a once much larger tree. Girth around these remaining parts was 15′ 6” (472cm) but it seems likely that other parts of the stump have disintegrated and the tree has been larger girthed. Evidence that an internal stem once grew in the hollow can be seen. It appears that the tree was cut back to a stump about 100 years ago and has regrown on this one section.

Yew trees at Bryngwyn - Powys:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
299 Bryngwyn - Powys Ancient 5m-7m 554cm at the ground - view more info
4889 Bryngwyn - Powys Ancient 4m-5m 472cm - view more info