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Coxbench Hall

Tree ID: 4406

Yews recorded: Ancient 5m-7m

Tree girth: 518cm

Girth height: at the ground

Tree sex: female

Date of visit: 23-May-14

Source of earliest mention: 2014: Mike Goold


An exceptionally tall female yew, flourishing in spite of a raised walkway built some time ago by the then owners. It is likely that the ground level has been raised by 1 or 2 feet, hiding the true base of the tree. As we see it now, girth is 17′ (518cm) at the ground, 16′ 2” (493cm) at 1′, 16′ 0” (488cm) at 2′, 15′ 2” (462cm) at 3′, 15′ 0” (457cm) at 4′ and 14′ 0” (427cm) at 5′.

Yew trees at Coxbench Hall:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
4406 Coxbench Hall Ancient 5m-7m 518cm at the ground - view more info
4409 Coxbench Hall Notable 259cm at the ground - view more info