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Crofton Old Church

Tree ID: 1678

Yews recorded: Lost

Tree girth: No data

Girth height: not measured

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: 30-Apr-03

Source of earliest mention: 1875: The Penny Post


I was informed that a yew stood for at least 700 years in front of the door of Crofton Old Church, ‘but had to be felled some 10 or 15 years ago, since it was in danger of falling on the church itself (it was already leaning badly, and had been propped)’. There were apparently ‘parish records of the tree, and that the stump may well remain’.
The Penny Post of 1875 has the following entry: ‘In the churchyard of Crofton church, Hants, on the south side, near the door, is a large flourishing yew-tree, known to be 600 years old’.
Peter Norton: as well as the young female yew growing close to the porch is a much younger male east of the church on the churchyard perimeter.

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Yew trees at Crofton Old Church:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
1678 Crofton Old Church Images Currently Unavailable Lost No data available - view more info