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Tree ID: 1128

Yews recorded: Ancient 4m-5m

Tree girth: 478cm

Girth height: at 20cm

Tree sex: female

Date of visit: 1-Oct-97

Source of earliest mention: 1885: Tourist's guide to Somersetshire: rail and road by Richard Nicholls Worth


October 1997 – Tim Hills: Described more than 50 years ago as ‘split’, one half of it has now been removed leaving a small girthed tree. The first photo (undated) shows clearly its two stems, in the second (1999) one of the trunks has been reduced to a stump.
2006 – recorded by Owen Johnson as a female yew split into two trunks. He considered it looked more like a younger tree with two stems from the base. A height of 14m, diameter of 152cm at 0.2m, girth of 478cm.
October 2015 – Tim Hills: Measurement around the surviving trunk at the height of the stump was 11′ 5” (348cm). Combined girth with the stump, measured at same height, was exactly 16′ (488cm).

Yew trees at Crowcombe:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
1128 Crowcombe Ancient 4m-5m 478cm at 20cm - view more info