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Tree ID: 5091

Yews recorded: Notable

Tree girth: 384cm

Girth height: at 30cm

Tree sex: male

Date of visit: 20-Mar-17

Source of earliest mention: 2017: Paul Wood


March 2017 – Paul Wood: A male yew with a girth of 12′ 7” (384cm) at 1′. It is short in appearance, due to major branches that have been removed in the past. It also seemed that the tree might have suffered a trauma, with part of its bole broken. Since the tree is well protected by high walls it seems most likely that it has been struck by a falling tree. New young growth covered the entire yew.

Yew trees at Dormington:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
5091 Dormington Notable 384cm at 30cm - view more info