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Hafod - Eglwys Newydd

Tree ID: 2537

Yews recorded: Notable

Tree girth: No data

Girth height: not measured

Tree sex: male

Date of visit: No data

Source of earliest mention: 2006: Arthur O.Chater


Four of the yews have similar girths, though in one case, the two trunks are fused to make a larger girthed tree. In 1983 girths of the 4 were as follows: SE 309cm at narrowest; S on slope 412cm at about 1m; SW – two trunks of 404 and 430cm, 664 at the ground.
2008 – photos by Geoff Garlick suggest that this could well be one yew, rather than two trunks fused together suggested by Arthur Chater. Girth around this bole has increased by 36cm in 25 years.

Yew trees at Hafod - Eglwys Newydd:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
2537 Hafod - Eglwys Newydd Notable No data available - view more info