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Tree ID: 6626

Yews recorded: Lost

Tree girth: No data

Girth height: not measured

Tree sex: unspecified

Date of visit: 17-Oct-21

Source of earliest mention: 1986:J.Daryll Evans


In his book The Churchyard Yews of Gwent, Revd J.Daryll Evans records visiting this churchyard on 24th December 1986. He recorded a yew with a girth of 355cm (11′ 8”) at 1m and described that the trunk was ‘open on the west side and encloses a secondary stem’.
By 2021 the tree had been cut down, leaving only a stump between 2′ and 3′ high. Inside can be see that the secondary stem was a series of smaller internal stems. Many rings were still visible. There was also charring visible, suggesting that either the tree was set on fire and this led to its demise, or that there was an attempt after felling to destroy the rest of the stump.

Yew trees at Kilgwrrwg:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
6626 Kilgwrrwg Lost No data available - view more info