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Tree ID: 2125

Yews recorded: Ancient 5m-7m

Tree girth: 620cm

Girth height: at the base

Tree sex: male

Date of visit: 26-Oct-13

Source of earliest mention: 1980: Tree Register Data Base


Tree 5 on the plan, east of the church. A hollow yew that retains its large girth for a considerable height. Surrounding elder in 2005 made it unmeasurable and in 2013 ivy still hides much of the bole detail. My impression was that the tree has been larger girthed in the past. Girth of 20′ 4” (620cm) at the base of the tree recorded in 2013.

Yew trees at Llanyre:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
2126 Llanyre Ancient 5m-7m 686cm at the ground - view more info
2125 Llanyre Ancient 5m-7m 620cm at the base - view more info
2127 Llanyre Ancient 5m-7m 597cm at 15cm - view more info
2128 Llanyre Ancient 4m-5m 434cm at 120cm - view more info
2129 Llanyre Ancient 4m-5m 409cm at the ground - view more info
219 Llanyre Images Currently Unavailable Ancient 4m-5m No data available - view more info