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Tree ID: 5568

Yews recorded: Notable

Tree girth: 384cm

Girth height: at 90cm

Tree sex: female

Date of visit: 13-Jun-19

Source of earliest mention: 2019: Tim Hills


A hollowed out yew, whose trunk is intact only to a height of about 3′. The hollow was partially filled with soil, old heartwood and yew leaves. It remains a partial shell to a height of about 15′, above which there is plentiful new growth. On the living section of the tree, branching starts at a height of 7’/8′ and upwards. Girth was 12′ 7” (384cm) measured at 3′ above the higher ground. There was a large piece of old Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus) fungus on the ground.
With a girth of under 4m the tree is presently classified as notable. Because it displays veteran characteristics it will in the future be classified as V-con (veteran on account of its condition).

Yew trees at Maizet:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
5568 Maizet Notable 384cm at 90cm - view more info