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Tree ID: 2892

Yews recorded: Ancient 4m-5m

Tree girth: 406cm

Girth height: No data

Tree sex: female

Date of visit: 8-Apr-08

Source of earliest mention: 1876: Contributions towards a history of the ancient parish of Prestbury by Frank Renaud


April 2008 – Dean Loftus: The larger of the two, seen on the right,is hollow with about a third of the trunk missing. It is slightly fire damaged but shows new wood growth. The crown is large and foliage healthy.

Yew trees at Prestbury:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
2892 Prestbury Ancient 4m-5m 406cm - view more info
2895 Prestbury Ancient 4m-5m No data available - view more info