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St Brides - super - Ely

Tree ID: 731

Yews recorded: Ancient 7m+

Tree girth: 759cm

Girth height: at root crown

Tree sex: male

Date of visit: 29-Aug-98

Source of earliest mention: 1945: Glamorgan:its history and topography -C.J.O.Evans


August 1998 Tim Hills: The yew grows on a mound ESE of the church. It consists of three main growth areas from a short bole. Girth was 24′ 6” (747cm) at 1′.
2017 – Peter Norton: The large male yew grows on a raised mound close to the south porch. It has three main areas of growth all emerging from a short bole, each showing various stages of hollowing. The crown growth looks lush and healthy. Its lowest girth, at the root crown, was 24′ 11” (759cm).

Yew trees at St Brides - super - Ely:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
731 St Brides - super - Ely Ancient 7m+ 759cm at root crown - view more info