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Upton Grey - Manor House Drive

Tree ID: 810

Yews recorded: Ancient 5m-7m

Tree girth: 541cm

Girth height: at 110cm

Tree sex: female

Date of visit: 22-Jan-00

Source of earliest mention: 1996: Toby Hindson


January 2000 – Tim Hills: Leans towards the road. Bole hollow with a small inner space. It separates into two growth areas at about 6′. Girth of 17′ 6” (533cm) at its narrowest.
December 2002 – Russell Cleaver: On verge of private garden to manor house, fine tree. Reputedly beside the course of a Roman road. Girth 17′ 9” (541cm at 1.1m).
August 2020 – Dave Kenny: Girth of 5.75 (18′ 10”) at 0.1m.

Yew trees at Upton Grey - Manor House Drive:

Tree ID Location Photo Yews recorded Girth
810 Upton Grey - Manor House Drive Ancient 5m-7m 541cm at 110cm - view more info