Preen Manor, Shropshire

Preen Manor, Shropshire

Llanfeugan, Breconshire

Llanfeugan, Breconshire

How old are our yew trees?

The most frequently asked question! And one that can not be answered simply but there has been much research undertaken to help us understand better just how old some of our ancient yews may be.

Dendrochronological Analysis

Yew tree-ring report HRBS01/21-Bridge Sollers (researchgate.net) - Toby Hindson 2021

Dendrochronological Analysis

Analysis of a yew branch from the New Forest, Hampshire - Toby Hindson and Andy Moir - 2020

Royal Forestry Society Journal

Estimating the ages of yews - Challenging Constant Annual Increment as a suitable model. The article first appeared in the Royal Forestry Society's Quarterly Journal of Forestry in July 2019 and is reproduced with their permission. Copyright is with the Royal Forestry Society and their authors, Toby Hindson, Andy Moir and Peter Thomas.

Yew ageing paper - explanatory article

The need for a modular approach in cracking a 200 year old conundrum - Toby Hindson 2019

The Defynnog Yew

Addressing exaggerated age claims 2014

Old yew specimens at Kingley Vale near Chichester

An investigation into the growth rates of large yews, made possible by Peter Norton's survey of 2012

Yews at Crowhurst Churchyard in Sussex

by Toby Hindson and Lesley Elphick - 2012

Ancient, Veteran, Notable and Extraordinary

Classification Protocols Part I. A new classification of the yew population of Great Britain and Ireland - by Tim Hills and Toby Hindson 2010

Ancient, Veteran and Notable: The Specifics of Protocols Application

Classification Protocols Part II - by Toby Hindson 2010

The Yews of Alice Holt

by Toby Hindson 1998 (revised 2008)

Studies of felled Yews

by Toby Hindson 2008

The growth rate of Taxus baccata

An Empirically Generated Growth Curve - by Toby Hindson 2000 (revised 2007)

Ageing the yew

Fergus Kinmonth reviews current thinking on this controversial topic - 2005

Dendrochronological Analysis

Tree ring analysis of a branch from the Ankerwycke Yew - Andy Moir 2005