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How Old Are Yew Trees

The papers are presented in date order, with the most up to date research contained in Toby Hindson's Classification Protocols of 2010. These protocols determine whether a yew is classified Ancient, Veteran and Notable on this website. 

Fergus Kinmonth ageing the yew - 2005

Protocols part 1 by Toby Hindson  2010

Protocols part 2by Toby Hindson  2010

Toby Hindson research papers  2007-2012

Royal Forestry Society Journal 

Estimating the ages of yews - Challenging Constant Annual Increment as a suitable model.
The article first appeared in the Royal Forestry Society's  Quarterly Journal of Forestry in July 2019 and is reproduced with their permission. Copyright is with the Royal Forestry Society and their authors, Toby Hindson, Andy Moir and Peter Thomas.  

Yew ageing paper - explanatory article

The need for a modular approach in cracking a 200 year old conundrum - Toby Hindson